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Hello everyone! My name is Adrienne and this is my fourth year here at Fairmont State University. I've recently finished pre-med and now I'm working on my secondary ed degree with concentrations in general science, chemistry and biology. I'm really into outdoor activities, especially whitewater kayaking, hiking and skiing. I love music, some of my favorite artists are Zach de La Rocha, Bob Marley, Robert Plant, Eddie Veder, Chris Cornell, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photo Story

I'm not quite finished with our photo story (I'm trying to figure out how to upload music to it) then I will attach it to my FTP space through Fairmont State Library. It is a really cool program that I think students would like to use, a really great technological application. As a science major--my thoughts immediately went to the various experiments students could use photo story for, even videos. A lot of times in science it is important to show the progression of something or how things change in the laboratory. What better way to present these changes than with this program?
I posted my photo story as a video below, enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

Well today we had no class and the whole campus ended up getting shut down because of the weather. We are supposed to pick up on our photo stories when we next meet again. I downloaded Microsoft photo story 3 to my PC and started getting acquainted with the program-it is definitely a cool program. I also uploaded a lot of the photos I wanted to use to my Google account using the photos tab...now I have a whole album available for me when we meet next time in class. I also read the email about frequenlty asked questions in regards to this project and I think I'm alright with the questions so far. If I have any I will try to have them ready for the next class session, and hopefully we'll learn some more about this very neat program.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FTP User

We learned today how to use the ftp storage. We created a document so that it can be accessed through the internet via the link posted in this blog. We also downloaded Microsoft Photo Story 3 to use and create our own photo story. This software can be downloaded for free and is an interactive way to use pictures, sound and text. A very good tool for technological learning in the classroom.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adrienne's First Blog!

For the first day of my Instructional Tech. class we learned how to open a blog web page and post blogs. This application will be used for turning in assignment because it records the dates and times of each post. We also added links to our blog spot that will be relevant to our class so that they can be easily accessed. These links (for now) mainly include Fairmont State links. To change settings like this function you can go through the blog spot tabs. To add more links you can go through the "Settings" tab. This is also where you can find the "Posting" tab to post new blogs. Blogs can also have attachments so that it can be efficiently used for turning in assignments. Another tab available is the "Layout" tab which mainly controls the appearance of the owner's blog spot page. The other tools that are available through Google will become a central core to this course.