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Hello everyone! My name is Adrienne and this is my fourth year here at Fairmont State University. I've recently finished pre-med and now I'm working on my secondary ed degree with concentrations in general science, chemistry and biology. I'm really into outdoor activities, especially whitewater kayaking, hiking and skiing. I love music, some of my favorite artists are Zach de La Rocha, Bob Marley, Robert Plant, Eddie Veder, Chris Cornell, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


NETS T Standard Covered: The graphic activity
covers Standard (2.) that is, to design or develop
a digital-age learning experience and assessment.

Today we learned about possiblities for graphics and using Microsoft Paint, Powerpoint etc. to utilize graphics in the classroom.
Here is mine so enjoy! It is biologically related since that is one of my disciplines...

It is the dissection a frog and I incorporated all of the labeling...the neat thing about it is that it is a real life version of a dissected frog...so for those students who have problems dissecting the frog-this is the next best thing.

If you have a weak stomach I suggest you look away...but it is one of the many things I've had to dissect, including a cat, a lamprey, and a pig!

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